Not only can a front door completely transform the appearance of a property but it is also integral in keeping a home safe and secure. 

With so many different door materials available, all with their own unique benefits, deciding on one can be a difficult task for homeowners. 

Combining aesthetics and security, the aluminium door has soared in popularity with homeowners in recent years.

But what makes aluminium doors so popular exactly? 

Benefits of aluminium doors include: 

  • Enhanced security 
  • Flexible design 
  • Excellent energy-efficiency 
  • Low maintenance 

Continue reading as we take a closer look at some of the benefits of aluminium doors and why so many homeowners are opting for aluminium over other door materials. 

  • A more secure home 

The front door is not only the first thing people notice about a property but it plays an important role in keeping a home safe from break-ins. 

The front and back door can go a long way in protecting the property from unwanted guests. 

Despite being lightweight, aluminium doors are extremely robust compared to other types of doors meaning when they are combined with sophisticated locking systems, this makes aluminium doors one of the most secure doors on the market. 

  • Unlimited design options 

Thanks to the flexibility in their design, when it comes to choice, homeowners are spoilt for choice with aluminium doors as they are available in a huge range of colours, finishes and styles so that they can be tailored to suit even the most difficult specifications. 

  • A warmer home 

It is often underestimated how big impact your front door can have on keeping your home at more comfortable temperature. An aluminium door will, in fact, help to prevent heat from escaping a property whilst offering greater insulation. 

Not only that, an aluminium door can also help a homeowner save money on their energy bills making them a worthwhile investment. 

  • Money and time saving 

One of the biggest reasons why aluminium doors are so popular with homeowners is that they are practically maintenance-free. 

Aluminium is not susceptible to rot or warping so no matter what the elements throw at them they will be able to withstand it. This makes it cheap and easy for homeowners to keep their door looking its best. You can also save yourself time on cleaning as an aluminium door only needs wiping down every now and then. 

Choose aluminium doors from Anglia Trade Windows 

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that come with installing aluminium doors but to ensure that you deliver a quality installation for your customers, it is crucial that you choose high-quality aluminium doors from a trusted door supplier. 

At Anglia Trade Windows, we are dedicated to supplying each of our customers with the highest quality products. Expertly manufactured, you can rely on our products to provide you with all that you need to deliver a superb service for your customers. Whatever your customer’s needs, we have the products. 

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