With summer temperatures on the rise, it’s no surprise many homeowners are looking for ways to beat the heat. Fortunately, there are a number of simple steps you can take to keep your home cool and comfortable. So here are our top tips for combatting the heat in your home.

Utilise fans and air conditioners

If you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioning system in your home, then this is definitely something that you should utilise first, however as a lot of British homes don’t have a unit installed, you should use fans instead. A fan in every room is perfect for circulating the air, especially if your windows are also open so the cool breeze is being pushed through. This can also be great at night if you get extra hot, as you can keep the fan pointed at you to cool you down.

Use cool sheets and pillow cases 

Using cool sheets and pillowcases on your bed will help you to stay comfortable at night. There are pillows that are specifically made for warm sleepers, as regular pillows will retain a lot of heat, however these are designed to release this heat and keep you cool in the night. This will massively reduce your discomfort at night, helping you to get back to that quality sleep. 

Upgrade your windows and doors

There’s no better moment than when you feel that breeze in a warm room, and this is made even better when you have a large window or door letting it in. Large doors and windows are the perfect cooling option for the summer as when they’re opened all the way they will let in a breeze that instantly cools your home, and even better… It’s free!

Keep your blinds closed

Keeping your window coverings closed during the day will help to keep the sun out and stop your home from heating up. This is beneficial as it doesn’t allow your home to get too hot in the first place, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time and money trying to cool your home down.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your home cooler this summer, we hope the tips in this post have been helpful in keeping you and your family cool. If you love the idea of cooling down your home with a nice breeze from a newly installed window or door, then get in touch with us at Anglia Trade Windows today, and we can get you started on your free quote.