Windows are not just functional components of a home; they are key architectural elements that contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality. In this window style guide, we’ll explore the diverse array of styles offered by Anglia Trade Windows, delving into the materials, colours, and the unique advantages and considerations associated with each style.

1. Casement Windows: Timeless Elegance

Materials: Available in uPVC and aluminium.

Colours: A broad spectrum of colours, from classic whites to bold statement hues.


  • Timeless and versatile design.
  • Excellent ventilation with the ability to open fully.
  • Energy-efficient, especially in uPVC and wood options.

2. Sash Windows: Classic Charm Reimagined

Materials: Traditionally wood, but also available in uPVC and aluminium.

Colours: Varied colour options to suit different architectural styles.


  • Classic and elegant design.
  • Efficient ventilation through the vertical sliding mechanism.
  • Versatility in terms of historical or modern aesthetic.

3. Tilt and Turn Windows: Modern Innovation

Materials: Primarily uPVC and aluminium.

Colors: Neutral and modern shades, adaptable to contemporary designs.


  • Dual functionality – tilts for ventilation, turns for easy cleaning.
  • Enhanced security features.
  • Aesthetically pleasing in modern architectural settings.

4. Bay and Bow Windows: Architectural Statements

Materials: uPVC, and aluminium.

Colours: Customisable to match the home’s exterior.


  • Creates additional space and enhances natural light.
  • Adds architectural interest to the facade.
  • Versatile in design, suitable for traditional or modern homes.

5. French Windows: Effortless Elegance

Materials: Commonly uPVC and aluminium.

Colors: Elegant and neutral tones, suitable for various design preferences.


  • Offers a sense of openness and light.
  • Ideal for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Classic design that complements various architectural styles.

Choosing the Right Window Style for You

When selecting windows for your home, it’s essential to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the functionality and maintenance requirements. Anglia Trade Windows provides a diverse range of styles crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring that each option suits your unique preferences and architectural needs. Whether you prioritise classic elegance, modern innovation, or a combination of both, this style guide serves as a roadmap to help you make informed decisions for a home that perfectly reflects your vision.