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We offer a range of uPVC French Doors to trade customers in Lowestoft, Norwich, Ipswich, Great Yarmouth, Colchester & East Anglia.

These doors are not only chic and elegant, but also incredibly secure and versatile. Our range comes in a variety of colours to suit any property and we offer a range of accessories so that you can fully tailor your look.

Stunning yet practical, our uPVC French Doors will enhance any property. They are available in a range of designs and finishes to suit your project.

Highly Secure

10 Year Guarantee

Intelligent Design

Impressive Colour Range

Superb Delivery Times

Optional Restrictors

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French Door Security Shootbolts

10 Year Guarantee on Double Glazing

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uPVC Garden French Door Restrictors

Hinges by SFS Intec

Cohesive Colour Window Options

Highly Secure French Doors

Our uPVC French Doors are fitted with Security Shootbolts Hinges by SFS Intec Yale Lockmaster®multi-point lock with added high security shootbolts supplied as standard.

This means that your customer can be confident that their home is protected and secure, and will be able to rely on your for further installations in the future.

10 Year Guarantee

Our supply only uPVC French Doors come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard. You can be confident that our trade double glazed French Doors will not crack, warp or discolour.

Our doors will perform to the highest standard year after year and our guarantee will ensure your customers have peace of mind.

Intelligent Designs

We supply a premium range of Liniar designed uPVC French Doors which offer a technologically advanced slimline design. We know that you will require the highest quality product for you project with the very best finish and our uPVC French Doors will provide that with slim sightlines and beautiful aesthetics.

When choosing the perfect double glazed French Door for your project, you can opt for fitted restrictors which act to avoid damage. The restrictors prevent opening the door past a set angle, not only protecting the door and its hinges, but also keeping your customers safe.

Impressive Colour Range

Anglia Trade Windows offer eight standard colours to choose from when designing your uPVC French Door, giving your customers a truly unique finish to their new door. It’s important to offer your customers a wide range of colours, finishes and styles, to find the perfect door for every home.

You can also choose from an impressive selection of foils which are available across our entire range for total consistency in your finish. We understand how important it is to have a complete, matching look on your project and our foils enable you to achieve that goal.

Superb Delivery Times

Whatever your project, you will have a deadline to work to, and we can help you achieve it with our superb turnaround times. All our doors are manufactured to your specific requirements, meaning nothing is ‘off the peg’, yet still, we deliver on time and on budget.

Our supply only uPVC French Doors will be bespoke to you, and you can be assured that they will be delivered when you need them.

Optional Restrictors

We want your customers to receive the best result, which is why we’ve included optional restrictors within our supply only French Doors. Details are important, which is why we always endeavour to tick every box.

This will seamlessly prevent damage to the uPVC doors from opening too far, as well as protecting the wall behind from any bumps and scratches.

uPVC French Door Prices Norwich

We offer incredibly competitive prices on all our uPVC doors in Norwich, Lowestoft, Norfolk, Ipswich, Great Yarmouth, Colchester & East Anglia. You can get a tailored quote by using our online quoting form. Just let us know your specifications and we will get back to your with bespoke door prices.

Alternatively, you can contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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